HeadGardeners is situated on Union Street in Maidstone Town center & we are well known for being one of the longest standing barber shops in the town due to first opening in 2007.

All customers notice how welcoming the team is when they arrive and are always greeted with a smile & a Hello. We believe you are not a number, you are our guest and our customers are treated as a guest should be.

Having up to 7 barbers at peak times, we strive to keep the queues down so your wait is kept as short as possible. 

We offer a range of services which makes us stand out from the rest & cater for anyone who wants their standard haircut to someone who wants more of a luxury visit. 

We are also very active on Facebook! Daily we post up who our team is & our opening hours for the day. Like our page by clicking here.

Our mission is clear. To be your first choice of barber!

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